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Kenyans Can Now download Hand Sanitizers from Google Loon

Kenyans will now be able to download hand sanitizers and other critical public health tools from Google Loon.

Following a partnership between Telkom Kenya and Google which will see Google Loon balloons allowed in the Kenyan airspace, the government will strategically be used to deliver hand sanitizers and essential supplies in the tines of corona virus.

The government assured Kenyans that everybody will be in a position to receive any material they may need in the event of a lockdown, using the balloons to deliver to remote places and areas. This was seen as the first step towards moving to a total lockdown, since the government seemed to be sealing all loopholes that would make the lockdown impossible.

The president said that all things necessary will be delivered using Loon. “Sanitizers, foodstuff, masks and medications will now be available for download using the Google Loon 4G service.” He also added that in future, government projects will be added so as to allow people to access them more easily and bring development to the grassroots. Kenyans are now buying bigger smartphones in anticipation of the coming boom. It is expected that one will need at least 32GB of storage to download some basic sanitizer, and at least 1 TB to hold the normal daily requirements

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