Kenyan Politician Donates Buckets to Help Constituents Bathe in a Dry River

A Member of Parliament in Kenya, last seen napping in The National Assembly, is under fire after reports emerged that he came to the aid of his constituents by donating buckets in order to avert the dangers of bathing in the river. The gesture came amid protests from the area residents decrying lack of access to clean water.

The MP is no stranger to controversy as this is not the first time he is in the headlines for outlandish acts of apparent philanthropy. In a separate incident, he was heard by colleagues chest thumping that since the COVID-19 virus landed in the country, he has been donating his salary to herbalists in his ancestral village who are spearheading a COVID-19 vaccine research and development in their caves deep in the jungle.

In the latest incident, a resident in the area who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity chastised the politician and distanced himself from the legislator for misinterpreting their protests especially since the river they are supposedly bathing in dried up ages ago, long before the politician rose to power.

The bucket scandal which was budgeted at a mind boggling Kshs. 100,000,000, came hot on the heels of a Nigerian politician who donated ropes in his community to tether their goats leading to speculations by many a pundit that indeed Africa is on a roll.

The Kenyan legislator who conveniently forgot to invite the press when launching the bucket project, was reportedly explaining to his community that now, “you can safely take a bath on the river banks without the fear of being swept away”.

“With what water?” Yelled one of the villagers while kicking a bucket right into the politician’s face.

It should be noted that the river in question was seasonal and shallow before it eventually dried up and had never posed any real risk to the community either by drowning or from attacks by aquatic life.

The legislator could not be reached for comment.

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