Fake Hair Does NOT Reduces your IQ by 40 to 65 Points

A recent report from the Association of dreadlocked women in Kenya that fake hair reduces your IQ by 40 to 60 points as been proven to be inaccurate.

In a counter research by salonists at Kenyatta Market, it has been effectively proven that using fake hair on your head does not significantly lower your IQ, and many people with fake hair are as intelligent as their colleagues with afro-textured or kinky hair.

All is Well

It is a very well known fact that 82.028% of all women in Kenya use some form of fake hair. This includes lace-front wigs, full wigs, weaves, braids and others which we do not know their names. These are the people who were being targeted by the research by their friends in dreadlocks and those who call themselves team natural.

Various factors have forced black women to adopt fake hair for various reasons. Although fake hair looks more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder, the major reason people use it because African hair needs 6 hours of straightening and blow drying everyday, a precious time that could be used to scout for food in the African bushes.

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