Amerix Named the Leading Cause of Divorce in Kenya

The Division of Family Promotion and Social Welfare in Kenya has named Amerix as the leading cause of broken relationships and divorced marriages, terming the condition as the quest for the Amerix Dream.

This comes even as the Judiciary expressed concern over the number of men seeking to divorce their wives over flimsy reasons, something that has been attributed to listening too much social media advice and from people who are neither married, nor making it in any other area in life.

The report from the ministry stated that most men who were seeking divorce were doing so on very flimsy grounds, usually mentioning age difference, income levels, career choices, height difference and even consequences of taking hot showers. “We are seeing young men seeking divorce because they have not been called King at home, or because they are served breakfast every day.”

The situation is further complicated by the fact that so many women have been listening to Maina Kageni and even taking notes when he speaks, although he is neither married nor a woman. When the disciples of Amerix and those of Maina Kageni meet in the evening at home, most houses have turned into a Ukraine and the only solution is divorce.

Another casualty of Amerix includes men who have resulted to walk in the scorching sun every day, leading to loss of income because they are supposed to be working. Other workers at construction sites were unable to work after they stopped taking their usual heavy breakfast in pursuit of the Amerix dream.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that many have never seen Amerix and they imagine him to be a tall and dark man with the body of Hulk Hogan, thus raising their ambitions too high when just being a Timothy Kimani alias Njugush is good enough. This continued strain on the mental health of some men in Kenya is what is making marriages and relationships crumble.

Asked for his comments, Amerix said that only weak men respond to the media and he is not one of them.

At the moment, he is busy planning on how to help the Black Lives Matter movement, as there is now way grown up men can go crying out in public that they are being beaten and killed by other men. He said that black men in the US had failed the masculinity test and he would work to restore their manhood back. “I want them to focus their attention on the Amerix Dream!”

Our thoughts and prayers are with his followers.

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