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Government: You can’t Contract Covid-19 at a BBI Rally

Kenyans are now free to attend BBI rallies in huge numbers after the government confirmed that one cannot contract Covid-19 in such meetings.

Announcing this new discovery during the launch of the BBI at Bomas of Kenya, the Ministry of Health said that masks and social distancing will no longer be necessary in the BBI rallies as it has already been determined that you cannot get infected at the BBI meeting.

“BBI and Covid-19 is like oil and water. The two can never mix,” said an excited Mutahi Kagwe.

The discovery paves way for the BBI meetings to proceed full throttle, with Kenyans expected to keep attending rallies even as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. “We have established that the cases of Covid-19 are as a result of people behaving normally in the bars, at their homes and even in churches. However, BBI is not a normal occurrence and therefore does not lead to infection with corona virus.”

Kenyans who are skeptical about the new findings were asked to respect science since it is science which ahs issued the new directive and science never lies. It was also reported that BBI is a scientific document and science and Covid-19 do not mix.

The findings that you will not contract Covid-19 at a BBI meeting are contained in the BBI document.

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