Waititu asks Court to Give him 1400 Days to Impeach Covid-119 from his Body

Former Kiambu Governor and self declared father of the nation Ferdinand Waititu failed to appear in court today and said that he was busy impeaching Covid-119.

Through his lawyer, Waititu told the anticorruption court that he had become entangled with corona virus and he needed adequate time to impeach it from the body, adding that the case should be postponed for another 1400 days.

“I am told that I have Covid-119 and I need to impeach it from my body. This usually takes 14 days for isolation and 140 days for the hearing and impeachment. This can rise to 1400 days if you factor in that the virus might appeal the impeachment, get the case heard at the Covid Senate, and then a long legal battle in the appeal.”

While other human beings are opting to take lemon and garlic, opted to impeach the Covid from his body because he believes that impeachment works.

Waititu further warned that he might easily contract Covid-220 or even Covid-2022, making his appearance in court almost impossible before 1400 days are over.

Surprisingly, the judges were seemed to agree with Waititu, saying that his argument was too original and to ignore. “You cannot just ignore such a unique reason when it shows up for the first time. The court is willing to wait for Baba Yao to finish the impeachment.”

The circus continues.

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