Bandits Call for a more Inclusive Tripartisan Talks with the Government

Bandits in the counties of Samburu, Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo, West Pokot, and Laikipia have opened the door for engagements with the government and the opposition leaders in what signaled a major step for a possible truce between the three warring sides.

In a statement after routing the police from a bandit station in West Pokot, one resident bandit said that the banditry economy can no longer sustain continued hostilities between the security forces and the bandits, hence a need for tripartisan talks to resolve the stalemate.

“For the interest of the security forces, bandits, and the aggrieved cattle owners, we want to propose a tripartisan approach that will lead to a sustainable solution.”

Bandits want President William Ruto and opposition lead Raila Odinga to first solve their pressing issues before the three parties can dialogue. Top on their agenda includes a cessation of all hostilities against the bandits in parts of Rift Valley, a tolerance on cattle rustling in the same way the government tolerates corruption, and for the security forces to surrender all their weapons to the bandits.

“When we engage in a tripartisan approach it is not a game of arrows it is a game of bullets and how we put our guns in a manner that carries not one side but all sides is the essence of a tripartisan approach,” said the chief bandit.

The government and the opposition are too scared to respond.

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