Miguna Miguna Appointed as the Kenyan Ambassador to Wuhan City in China

President Uhuru Kenya has appointed Canada based Kenya lawyer Miguna Miguna as the country’s ambassador to the Wuhan Province of China.

In the surprise move that caught even the general himself by surprise, President Uhuru made the announcement through the 1 o’clock radio news, perhaps in honor of the late president Daniel arap Moi who had patented that method and used it extensively to hire and fire.

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Uhuru said that the appointment was part of Building Bridges Initiative which is committed to providing employment opportunities especially to Kenyans who seem to be struggling to make ends meet abroad. He said that the appointment was a clear evidence that BBI was working, and that the handshake brothers were concerned about the welfare of Kenyans from all walks of life.

Miguna Miguna is now supposed to report to work within the next 24 hours and will be based at the epicenter of the Corona Virus outbreak, where he will be representing the Kenyan government especially on matters to do with trade negotiations and attending social functions.

No Mask

Among his first tasks, Miguna Miguna is expected to extensively tour the area and see what Kenyans can learn from China, especially in the healthcare industry. In keeping with Kenyan traditions, Miguna Miguna will not be allowed to wear a mask or anything that covers his face as that would be disrespectful to our founding fathers who fought the colonialists without masks.

The general is not allowed to decline the appointment. At the time of reporting, some armed security personnel were heading to his premises to facilitate his relocation. Attempts to reach to him via his Twitter handle were unsuccessful since he has blocked himself on twitter.

The government wished him success and a long life.

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