Chaos as Children Vote to Impeach and Remove Dad as the Head of The Family

It was total chaos and anarchy after all the three children in a family voted to impeach their father and declared a democratic led family where everyone has an equal say.

It all started the previous day when the children walked out on the father as he was giving the state of the family address, with one of them tearing apart the list of chores that had been assigned to each child and all of them promising to meet the next day for appropriate action.

The Impeachment 

The impeachment followed a general dissatisfaction with how the family matters were being run by the parents, including a series of unfulfilled promises. The most cited ones included the poor state of toys, stagnation of random gifts that the father brings, causing family embarrassment by driving an old car and improving standards of daddy jokes.

The children also cited absenteeism from home for the major part of the waking day, with the father giving an excuse that he was at work. There were also allegations that the father had called one of the class teachers and discussed some disciplinary matters without clearance from the affected child, something that had raised tensions within the family.

In the impeachment that  was supported by three votes from the children, with only one person who crossed the family line to vote for the dad – the mother, the children declared their victory in the parexit vote and noted that it was the first step towards making the family great again.


The children have now taken over the running of the family and appointed one of them to be the head. They have also demanded for access to all the family bank accounts and given a seven-day ultimatum for the father to become a stay home dad, else they will take matters into their own hands. They also said that the father will henceforth require level three clearance from the family before he can be allowed to go out and play golf.

The father was not able to give his side of the story as at the time of going to the press as he was busy at work and was not aware of what was happening at home. 

More updates to follow.


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