Uhuru Kenyatta Delays Speech as he Searches for Complicated Words to Confuse Fellow Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been holed up in his office, going through dictionaries, The Library of Congress, The Encyclopedia Britannica and other publications in an attempt to find the perfect words to confuse Kenyans today.

In what has even led to the postponement of his speech, Uhuru Kenyatta seeks to find very difficult words that will leave journalists, commentators and ordinary citizens confused for weeks, buying time to figure out his next move.

Kenyatta was last seen searching the Oxford English dictionary and various other sources in the hope that he can keep Kenyans guessing since Corona Virus has also kept the government guessing, thus achieving a transfer of guesses.

In the speech where the president was expected to give the way forward following the resurgence of Covid-19, Uhuru was expected to find the complex balance between getting the economy back to normal but preventing the abnormal spread of Covid-19, something which no government has been able to achieve. He also doesn’t want to do anything that will make Magufuli appear smart, or make Rwanda look bigger than Kenya.

The search for the perfect words is expected to last for another 21 days.

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