Ben Githae to be Extradited to ICC for his Song Tano Tena

Kikuyu musician and former Jubilee Campaigner Ben Githae has fallen from grace to grass with the kikuyus after using witchcraft to lure them into five years of slavery and misery.

The popular musician whose hit song ‘tano tena’ became the anthem of Central Kenya during the 2017 elections campaign is now facing the consequences of his people, with many of them accusing him of selling them to the enemy. “We were not even planning to vote for the corrupt Jubilee but the song was irresistible. It somehow hypnotized us and we found ourselves voting for the Jubilee government. It was not voluntary.”

Even Ben Githae thinks that the punishment is well deserved.

“I do not know what got into me. I just found myself against all common sense singing the song, and becoming famous. Money followed and I hoped that it was just a joke. Now I am responsible for the 2 billion shillings lost from Kenyans everyday. I belong to jail.”

True to his word, Ben Githae has aready left Jubilee and wants nothing to do with the previous administration. He is now firmly rooted in TangaTanga and swears that he will have nothing to do with anybody who was in Jubilee government.

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