David Ndii Gains 17k New Followers on Twitter after Insulting Luos

Economist and Tangatanga influencer David Ndii had his best political life yesterday after gaining 17,000 new followers on Twitter in one day, courtesy of an insult that went viral yesterday.

The man who finds satisfaction in sharing complex economics data, arguing with internet strangers and doing dishes at home found himself at the center of national attention when he went after Luos. Within a few minutes, the internet descended on him with digital stones and other projectiles.

The enemies of Ndii came out blazing because they had been validated. The enemies of Tangatanga followed closely because they had proved that there is nothing good that can be associated with William Ruto. The reasonable friends of Ndii were quick to distance themselves from Ndii, while his social media disciples were quick to defend him. In the end, it was all about David Ndii, and David Ndii was trending.

This publicity was the only thing that the learned daktari was looking for, and he got all of it. In fact, his political power rose greatly since he is a politician who has rose to power majorly due to controversy. He is a smart politician who knows that the best strategy is to keep enemies and friends talking about you, because ‘you’ is the one that matters.

Consequently, Ndii now has more followers on Twitter. Luos followed him to keep up with the insults, enemies followed him to respond and friends have always been with him. Since his political base is on social media, the winner is Ndii. The loser is you.

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