KRA to Get a Side Hustle by 2024 – William Ruto

President William Ruto has ordered the Kenya Revenue Authority to find a meaningful side hustle to earn money instead of milking hustlers dry through unending taxes.

Speaking after receiving the treasury’s handover report, Ruto noted that KRA had been increasing its revenue target without any plan on how to raise the additional revenue, except to tax Kenyans more. He said that his government was going to bring that stupid practice to an end.

“KRA sees your chicken lay an egg and increases your tax rate by one egg. They see you buy a cow and say that they need milk from you. I wish they could help you feed the cow, but that is not their business. They just use your income to set unrealistic targets.”

Ruto said that KRA will be required to set up their own business and run it, to get a feeling of what Kenyans go through. This will help the tax agency have a better understanding of what hustlers go through as they are taxed through their noses.

“KRA has over 7000 staff. Let them set up 6000 mama mboga shops and use the proceeds to meet their targets. If they fail, we will freeze their accounts and attach their personal assets. They will understand how it feels when they freeze accounts without considering the welfare of a company’s staff and the staff’s dependents.”

Following the directive, KRA will be required to self-fund its revenue target for the financial years 2024/2025. “We are giving them two years to set their house in order, after which they will start a side hustle and stop depending on other people’s income. Let them grow up and hustle like everyone else.”

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