Disquiet in CITAM as Calisto Repeatedly ends Sermon with only One Conclusion

A storm is brewing at Christ is the Answer Ministries after an increasing number of members expressed disapproval on the way the Presiding Bishop Calisto Odede has been concluding his sermons.

It is reported that the new Bishop has broken from the long held Christian tradition of having seven conclusions in a sermon. Instead, Calisto Odede has stuck to a single conclusion per sermon, something that is dividing the church.

Members are already talking in hushed tones and others have even gone public with their concerns. If not addressed, these might mean doom or one of Kenya’s largest churches.

One card carrying member did not mince his words. “It is against the Christian doctrines to end a sermon with one conclusion. An average preacher must conclude at least three times, while a good one can do it even seven times. Why is Calisto doing a single conclusion? That is sacrilege!”

Even members of other churches held the same views. “You know when a preacher says ‘In conclusion,’ you except them to speak for some minutes then say ‘finally’. This could go one for another ten minutes before they say ‘as I wind up’ or even ‘lastly’. What we are hearing from CITAM is not Christian at all. Calisto needs some form of reeducation.”

Internal Review

An internal committee set up by the CITAM to review the performance of the Bishop did not find any wrong doing on his part, although his conclusions are not satisfactorily conclusive. This could be something that has been inherited from the Baptist Church.

“He seems to have his homiletics figured out. His doctrine is sound, and his jokes are good or mildly funny. What is of concern to most members is the small matter on conclusion, which we are hoping will change.”

A spot check with other churches showed that Bishops are known to make several concluding statements and members have gotten used to it. In fact, it is the normal thing and any deviation from the tradition has led to church splits or below average performance.

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