40-Year-Old Son Getting Impatient Waiting to Inherit the Family House

A forty year old man is getting concerned that he may waste all his prime years living a suppressed life as he waits to inherit the family house.

The man who has been patient for a whole forty years has now realized that his prime age is going to waste while his elderly parents live their best life in a eleven-bedroom mansion in a posh estate. His patience has seen him occupy the servant quarters but just like anything else, there is a limit to how long a man can wait.

“I have been patient, but there seems to be no end in sight. While I want my parents to live long, I am concerned that my prime years in life have been wasted in this servant’s quarter and this could go on until I am sixty. That will be a purposeless life and I will have neither the energy nor the time to feel important in that big house. I could as well die at sixty-three and life will not have been worth.”

While the man lives in the SQ, the family dog has full rights and access to the main house, further complicating an already bad situation. “It is like the dog is living the life that I should!” said the exasperated man.

Similar dilemma faces many young people in Kenya whose parents seem to have the DNA of the queen of the United Kingdom. The children are stuck in a time capsule waiting to inherit the family property, although their age is still counting.

There should be a way to accelerate the inheritance.

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