Kiambu Governor Attributes the Embarrassing Moi Farewell Message to Autocorrect

Barely a week after James Nyoro was sworn in as the governor of Kiambu County, residents have been hit by the reality that there was no change in the level of language skills even after Waititu left.

In what was supposed to be a moving tribute to the former president of Kenya Daniel Moi, the county government got lost in the grammar part to the point that no one was moved.

The farewell message that was published in one of the dailies in Kenya had several typos and possible insults, with one phrase suggesting that Moi should even be impeached internally, possibly in the next life.

But the Governor quickly apologized and said that the problem was caused by the autocorrect function in the Chinese made phone that was used to type the message. He said that the phone had been extensively used by his predecessor, hence learning his style of writing and acquiring a ‘distorted understanding’ of common English language words.

He also said that the intern who was supposed to spell check was away that day, resulting in the embarrassing mistake.

Some people suggested that it would have been better if the farewell message was done in Kikuyu, considering that no one reads those things anyway.

Others even further speculated that the former governor Ferdinand Waititu was still in charge, or maybe his ghost had refused to vacate the office.

May God grant Kiambu County internal peace.

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