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African Union Warns EU against Delaying Donations to African Countries

The African Union has issued threats and warnings to the European Union and other global partners for delaying grants to African countries.

In a statement signed by all AU member countries, the Union asked their donor partners to be serious and more committed instead of giving conditions and delaying aid unnecessarily.

“We want our donor partners to decide if they are giving money or not, and give it at our own terms and conditions. We cannot allow anybody to take advantage of our poverty by giving us money whenever they feel like.”

The warning has put global stakeholders in a tight spot since they need to continue giving grants in order to remain relevant, but they do not want to appear like they are under control of the AU. Already, the European Union apologized fro the delay but said that they are still on schedule because they have their own schedule.

Operations at the AU have been hugely affected by a delay in the disbursement of donor money since the organization depends on donor funding to cover 80% of their budget. However, the AU plans to reverse this by the year 2120.

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