Millennial who Missed Work for Half an Year Claims He was Present in Incognito Mode

A millennial who was fired from work for absconding has filed an appeal at the highest court in the US, claiming that he was never absent from work, and it is the human resource office which did not know where to look for him.

The 22 year old hospital cleaner in Ohio claimed that he was fired from work after the HR alleged that he and absconded from work for most of the year, while in real sense he was present but in incognito mode.

The guy said that he was concerned about his privacy while working at the hospital, hence the need to do something that would guarantee him privacy and keep his mental health in a good state. This is why he was not seen at work most of the time, and even did not report to his supervisors.

It was only when he asked for a pay-rise that the matter was brought up, but the young man insisted that he had always been present at work but his privacy while in incognito mode must be respected.

Confused hospital staffers were seen trying to google what that meant, and whether it had was possible in real life. Most said that it was possible since it has been happening in movies for many years.

It still baffles many that the hospital was still clean even when he was physically absent.

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