Uhuru and Raila Head to the US to Pray for Kenya

In what could be the most expensive prayers in history, the President and the People’s President of Kenya left for the US in a special mission to pray for Kenya.

The handshake duo had been in a soul searching mission for a long time, unable to understand why Kenyans are broke and what was preventing Kenyans from living their best life today. It is with this in mind that they made pilgrimage to the USA.

Among the things they expect is to get some powerful anointing oil which they can spray on all Kenyans, and a miraculous deliverance from locusts and hunger. They also want Kenyans to receive manna from heaven to help them cope with the problem of inflation.

The duo left the country with a delegation of three hundred people, with an expectation that North America is nearer heaven than Kenya, thus their prayers will be heard. Some religious leaders in Kenya complained that they could have offered the same results at a much lower cost, saying that this was another case of inflated government tenders.

It is not clear which god they are praying to.

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