Ministry of Defence explains Why they had to take over Kenya Meat Commission

The Ministry of Defence has defended their takeover of Kenya Meat Commission, saying that the move was in line with their long term war strategies.

Nobody saw the takeover coming, and their move to defend the takeover could simply be informed by the fact that they are a defense ministry and will defend anything that needs defending.

In a letter to media houses, ministry spokesperson said that the takeover was expected to make Kenya more secure in the future, giving details of how it would help. “With KMC, the Ministry of Defence will be able to beef up security in Kenya and prevent the infiltration of small arms, terrorists, and of course, foreign beefs into Kenya.”

He also added that the acquisition would go a long in dealing with the permanent headache of Al Shabaab that Kenya has had to deal with for many years. “The Kenya Meat Commission will help Kenya settle the beef that we have with Somalia, a move that will ensure security for all Kenyans.”

The government announced the transfer of Kenya Meat Commission to Ministry of Defence and cited classified reasons for the takeover. However, political analysts were quick to point that the government was simply trying to appease the military after the African Union warned that military coups are very contagious.

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