Ghost Sub-County in Turkana County has been Receiving Government Funds for 7 years

The Auditor General has unearthed a ghost sub-county in Turkana county that has been receiving government funding and staff for 7 years, but does not exist in any map. The Sajiro sub-county, complete with ghost national government administrative officers, public offices maintained by the exchequer, county government officials and public utilities has existed since the […]


Garissa County Acquires 2m Tons of Hydrogen and 1m Ton of Oxygen to Manufacture Their own Water

Faced with unending water shortage, Garissa County has resolved to get to the root of the problem and cut off all middlemen and processes that make it hard for them to get water. The North Eastern County will soon start manufacturing its own water after acquiring vast volumes of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two elements […]


Garissa County Assembly Fire Caused by Unwanted Evidence

The fire accident that consumed Garissa County Assembly chambers and several offices this morning was caused by unwanted evidence, according to Kenya Red Cross. The morning inferno that started at 8:15 am quickly spread to any part of the Assembly that held documents that were not needed, focusing majorly on the ones that had previously […]


Mombasa Drug Dealer Takes Credit for all Jobs Created in the County this Year

A Mombasa based drug Lord has lashed out at both the county and national governments for failing to create jobs, saying that he was the only one who was creating jobs in the drug ravaged county. Speaking at his open hideout, the drug baron said that no elected official had bothered to create any jobs […]


Ministry of Defence explains Why they had to take over Kenya Meat Commission

The Ministry of Defence has defended their takeover of Kenya Meat Commission, saying that the move was in line with their long term war strategies. Nobody saw the takeover coming, and their move to defend the takeover could simply be informed by the fact that they are a defense ministry and will defend anything that […]