Police Officer Filmed Dragging Woman on a Motorbike to be Awarded for Innovation in Transport Methods

A police officer in Kenya who was filmed tying a suspect on a motorbike and dragging her on the road has been praised for his innovation and discovering a new way of getting a suspect to a police station.

Speaking to the media, police spokesperson Charles Owino said that this was a very innovative move by the officer and it opens a door to transporting a limitless number of suspects even with limited resources.

“We have always trained them to be innovative and this is bearing results. This new method of transporting suspects has the potential to open up other resources to be used elsewhere, and still get the police service to function normally.”

“Imagine a scenario where every police officer is equipped with a motorbike and a few ropes. Wouldn’t that leave the OCPDs and OCSs free to use the land cruisers for other work? Would we not see more suspects being brought to justice more quickly and at a lower cost?”

The spokesperson called for all the police officers to follow the example of their colleague, and they were looking forward to see more thriving innovations from the police force. It would also result in money saved since police will be using motorbikes instead of police cars, which is very affordable.

He also criticized the media and civil society for painting a bad picture of the police force, even when it is obvious that they are trying to use the resources that they have, adding that police lives also matter.

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