Kenya Petitions WHO for a Local Covid-19 Variant

A section of Kenyan political class has petitioned the WHO to quickly find a unique Kenyan covid-19 variant.

Noting that Kenya was punching below its weight in the pandemic, leaders asked WHO to act with speed and find the Kenyan variant. They said that Kenya had proved its position as a regional leader and thus it was irresponsible for WHO to sideline Kenya.

“Our economy is bigger than Tanzania’s and look, they already have their own Variant. South Africa, which is in Kenya’s economic league, also has one. We want to know how the WHO is allocating covid-19 variants to different states,” Said the irate politician.

Similar sentiments were raised by the Ministry of Health which noted that despite the socio-economic status of Kenya, WHO had not seen it fit to grant Kenya the viral respect it deserves.

However, a few doctors in a different press briefing said that Kenyans should wait patiently. “Our constant lock downs have been an impediment to Kenya getting its own covid-19 variant. We hope to have one ready as soon as possible.”

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