Dr. Ezekiel Mutua Purchases New Moral Fabric for Kenya

Kenya’s Chief Moral Cop and presiding Deputy Jesus Ezekiel Mutua has once again moved with speed to stop the moral decay in Kenya that has been stinking to high heaven.

Dr. Ezekiel has purchased a new Kenyan moral fabric after the old fabric wore out, marking a new era for the morally challenged country.

Speaking during the unveiling of the new fabric, the good doctor said that the old fabric was too old and overstretched. This made it unsuitable for a country of 48 million people, hence the need to purchase a new fabric.

“It’s in tatters …our population has grown and the few moral fabrics we had are not enough for the growing population.” he said recently while commenting on the Twitter war on misogynists and sexists Kenyans.

He further added that Kenyan had only changed its moral fabric only once since independence, instead of the recommended once every ten years.

The new fabric will be ready for use in the next 21 days, once Mutua finishes up with hemming the fabric.

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