Dennis Okari: The Last Curve Bender

Kenya has deployed the skills of a renowned curve bender to flatten the Covid-19 curve and the results are instant.

Dennis Okari, the man who has spent all his life bending various curves in the world was contracted in the last minute to help bend the Covid-19 curve. This came after all the money available for Covid-19 was eaten and there was nothing more to eat.

Okari put his skill to use and with just one exposé, the curve started bending and Kenyans can see the economy reopening soon. Even the CS in charge of Education has admitted that the curve bender could make the schools reopen in October.

Curve Bender

Such an expert he is in bending curves that even though the ministry of health has confirmed that the number of cases are increasing day by day, the actual Covid-19 curve is flattening. Thanks to the magic of Dennis Okari.

Known globally as the last curve bender, Okari has intervened in many cases all over the world when curves threatened to overrun civilizations. His expertise is in all types of curves. This includes simple curves, closed curves, algebraic curves, transcendental curves and even belly curves.


Not everyone is happy though, because parents who had money have already ‘eaten’ the school fees, just like the government has eaten the Covid-19 funds. Others did not have money in the first place and donors have not come through for them like they have for the government.

Comrades are also worried that they might have to sit for more exams this year, while government employees might start working again. In the Covid-19 curve, Okari appears to be both a hero and a villain.

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