William Ruto Shocked to Learn that Huge Political gatherings without Masks and Social Distancing Accelerate Spread of Covid -19

Travelling politician who also happens to be the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto, was this week shocked to learn that the huge public rallies he has been holding could have contributed to a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in Kenya.

Tweeting that all political gatherings need to stop, the man who has held the biggest political rallies in the recent past – devoid of any social distancing and wearing masks – pleaded with dynasties to stop all gatherings until the countries can figure out what is happening in the country. He said that it was shocking that Covid-19 could be spreading quickly due to political gatherings.

Asked if his own meetings could have contributed to the spike, Ruto who holds a PhD in science said that he was not aware of any risks posed by the rallies. Instead, he said that he will continue to monitor the situation and issue a statement in the course of the week. “The hustler nation is safe, and no one has been complaining of Covid-19 during our meetings. We are however scaling down operations in response to rising number of cases especially in places where we have held rallies.”

The same thing was repeated by President Uhuru Kenyatta who although he has also been holding meetings, his public gatherings have not been attracting many people hence he is not bothered by Covid-19.

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