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Onset of Mango Season Spells Doom for Atheists in Kenya

For most people, Covid-19 has been the pandemic to beat but atheists face a different kind of pandemic that is only just starting: the mango season. The Mango season is back, possibly with some revenge. And as one self-declared mango expert warns, “it will be juicy, it will be fleshy, it might be messy, and […]


Government Desperately Hunting for a Corruption Scandal in Makueni County

The Government is working overtime to unearth a corruption scandal in Makueni County as one of the strategies of passing the BBI document. Speaking during a BBI stakeholders meeting, BBI architect and Uhuru Kenyatta’s chief marionettist Raila Odinga said that all governors must be nudged to support the BBI through soft power and one of […]