Vatican Approves Abortion if Baby Will Grow up Atheist

Vatican is softening its stand on abortion, following years of widespread condemnation of any form of abortion and unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life. In what could be the greatest change of policy since emperor Constantine became a person of the book, Vatican Spokesperson has issued a press statement encouraging faithfuls of all […]

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Onset of Mango Season Spells Doom for Atheists in Kenya

For most people, Covid-19 has been the pandemic to beat but atheists face a different kind of pandemic that is only just starting: the mango season. The Mango season is back, possibly with some revenge. And as one self-declared mango expert warns, “it will be juicy, it will be fleshy, it might be messy, and […]


Atheists in Kenya Start Tithing Towards a Billboard Project

The dog seems to have finally caught up with its tail after Atheists in Kenya launched a passionate social media appeal requesting both members and non-members to consider committing to a monthly offering to fund a billboard in Nairobi. In what appears to be a small loan from churches, Atheists in Kenya have realized that […]