India Finally Manages to Colonize the United States

No country ever prospered without colonizing others.

India knows that too well, but the opportunities are limited. Colonizing the powerful neighbors around India is impossible, while the poor, smaller neighbors are inconsequential. India needed to think out of the box.

Although most colonialism ended in the 20th Century, modern form of colonialism such as digital colonialism has continued to thrive. This is the path that India initially chose to take, but with a grand plan at the end. Perhaps, they learnt it from the masters of it all, the British East India Company.

This time round, the Indians went for the major tech giants in the US.

Sundar Pichai took over Google, Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, Rajeev Suri took over Nokia and Shantanu Narayen took control of Adobe. There are others who took over other smaller strategic companies in the United States.

But that was not enough, because India had a bigger fish to fry.

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors, and India knew well enough that the ultimate colonialism is to go into politics. Kamala Harris was the solution.

After the Democratic Party picked a 77 year old to be the next US president, everyone knew that the real US president would be the Vice President. India struck once again.

For now, Kamala Harris will be the US president for the next four years, helping India to colonize the North American country until it can fight for its independence.

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