The American Embassy in DC Failed Donald Trump

President Donald Trump faced a major set back after his supporters failed to make meaningful impact at the US Capitol. Instead, the joke was on them as some of them got arrested and Donald Trump banned from several social media platforms.

This embarrassing turn of event was as a result of one error. The American Embassy in Washington DC failed to give the protesters the necessary support needed to effect a coup.

It is well known all over the world that the local US Embassy serves as the command center of any coup that happens in any country. This includes logistics and technical support. Coup planners can bank on the US Embassy to quickly resupply them with bullets and also support them with a few hell fire strikes if needed. The embassy also acts as a last minute refuge for coup leaders when things fail to materialize.

In the case of the US, the embassy in DC remained silent during Trump’s hour of need, something that has infuriated Trump. “They should have supported the people who came to set things right, but the loser Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser did nothing. If it were somewhere in Africa, I would have been back in power courtesy of a local US Embassy.”

Trump now wants the US to change its policy to allow for embassies to intervene even in local politics, something they have successfully done for many years abroad.

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