Guide to Surviving Tough Economic Times

Times are tough, so you need to be tougher to survive. He is how?

Walk to Work

I know we are making an assumption that you actually have a job, and that job is not in your house.

Have you ever considered walking to work? It would save you that little money you spend on fare, and both the petrol station attendants and the matatu driver can comfortably starve to death.

Sure, I know that it is far, but you can easily cover 22 km in 4 hours; you just need to wake up earlier. It is also healthier.

Cut off Toxic Children

Many of you are poor because when you could barely afford to put food in your mouth, you decided to add more mouths to feed. You have some minions that depend on you for existence, sustenance, and maintenance. Not a very smart move.

They also do not care much about your efforts to feed them. The only thing they know is entitlement.

Why can’t you put them up for adoption? Let someone else take care of that expense.

Stop Spending on Useless things Like Education

That money you want to pay as school fees; do you think you will ever recover it? No, you will only end up a more educated jobless person.

Someone is about to take a loan in the name of a master’s degree. Do you understand the amount of poverty you are about to heap on yourself? You have not even finished paying for your undergraduate degree and here you are looking for more debt? Who has bewitched you?

You have Two Kidneys

This does not need an explanation.

When we say knowledge is power, what did you think we meant?

Stop paying for NHIF

Some of you pay at least KShs 500 per month to NHIF for health insurance. This is a huge amount. Do you know what KShs 500 could do if utilized well?

You need not pay for such an unnecessary thing as health insurance. Are you even planning to get sick?

Everyone knows that NHIF never works, so stop wasting money. In the unfortunate event that you fall sick, self-medicate, like any other Kenyan.


Fasting has enough non-economic benefits to warrant application even by those who are not in this economic boat. However, with the unbearable food prices, we need to use fasting as a first principle.

How much would you save if you went without food for one year? I repeat. How much money would you save if you stopped eating for one year?

Probably you would not need food for the rest of your life.

You could also cut down on non-essential foods such as proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

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