Tanzania petitions United Nations to recognise Tanzanian Kiswahili to decolonize language from Kenya

The Tanzanian Government has today sent a letter requesting that “Kiswahili (Tanzanian)” be added as a language option on mobile phones and internet websites to reduce confusion with Kiswahili spoken in Kenya

The delegation from Tanzania has said that many people around the world can only relate their National Language with Kenya and would like to have this changed

“On Facebook, we only have ‘Swahili’ language option and everyone equates this to Kenya. Even Google tells you ‘Karibu Kenya’ when you visit their Kiswahili homepage from within Tanzania’s borders”, said the delegation’s head.

This follows social media outrage about the seeming lack of knowledge by people around the world about Tanzania’s location other than in reference to Kenya.

Translated from Swahili, they argued, “We have English (UK) and English (US). Why not have Swahili (Tanzanian)?”

More to follow

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