Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk

Days after Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter for $43 billion, the council of rich people has made a counter attack with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates uniting to gain a controlling stake in Elon Musk, effectively making them the owners of Musk’s vast empire.

The two billionaires with a combined net worth of $321 billion have bid to acquire 51% stake in Elon Musk, a move that will allow them to have the final say in all the decisions that Musk makes. Once the deal is sealed, Musk will be nothing more than a live puppet of the two oligarchs.

“This is just business; it is not personal.” Stated Bill Gates. “Nobody should interpret this as an attempt to keep Musk away from Twitter. We also value free speech and will actively contribute to his free speech.”

Gates and Bezos are invoking the old time slavery law that allowed wealthy white people to acquire any person of African descent through a public auction, and the slave must always act in the best interest of their master. This means that Elon Musk will have no option but to make decisions that favor his new owners, failure to which his property will be considered forfeited to his owners.

Hostile Takeover

The acquisition will also mean that Jeff Bezos and Bill gates will gain a controlling stake in Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company and Neuralink, a major resurgence of real Americans taking control of the United Sates and the world.

It is not clear how the two will fund the deal, but a number of people are solidly behind them. Their net worth can also help guarantee loans enough to acquire Elon Musk.

This is not the first time the rich people are going on acquisition spree, although no has ever expressed interest in buying a rich person. Jeff Bezos already expressed interest to acquire Rwanda while Bill Gates is on track to buy half of the arable land in the United States before 2052.

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