PostaMate Media Acquires K24 TV for a Undisclosed Amount of 95 Million

PostaMate Media has come to the rescue of K24 TV after an acquisition deal was signed to save the collapsing TV station.

Speaking during the signing of the deal, PostaMate Media Chief Financial Officer and special advisor to PostaMate investors said that the move to acquire the TV station was informed by the common shared heritage of the two media companies.

“K24 has been our competitor for a long time, specializing in satire and other alternative news. This acquisition will see the two companies benefit from the new found synergy and reach a bigger market.”

Former K24 CEO Ken Ngaruiya said that the acquisition will help save the workers who had been declared redundant, blaming them for being cowards who can not face their problems.

“The workers here have always blamed me, instead of pointing fingers at the right place. We know who the big boss is but they want to act as if I am in charge. Let PostaMate save them.”

The acquisition will see K24 rebranded to PostaMate TV and will give the real news, saving Kenyans from the fake news peddled by KTN, NTV, Citizen TV and others.

More to follow.

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