Hospital Owners Want Economy Reopened, Citing Decline in Number of Customers

Hospital owners in Kenya have appealed for a quick reopening of the economy, citing low number of customers and reduced income that could lead to closure of some hospitals.

In a message to President Uhuru Kenyatta, hospital owners said that the curfew, cessation of movement, washing of hands and social distancing had led to a decline in patients and most of the hospitals are now operating below the minimum threshold of patients required to break even.

“We have seen many hospitals close down and others send employees on unpaid leave because of the low business season occasioned by Covid-19. We want the economy reopened soon otherwise the private health sector will collapse.”

Some hospital owners who spoke on condition of anonymity also added that Covid-19 was more of an economic than a health affair, and that is why they are suffering. “It is unfortunate that hospitals are not reaping big from the pandemic and the only people who are benefiting are the sanitizer manufacturers. This whole idea of washing hands all the time makes hospitals unsustainable because no one is getting sick. The casualty departments which used to be full on weekends are now empty and it is just a matter of time before the whole sector crumbles!”

“If we let the health sector collapse, we will be in problems in future when we need it back. We urge the government to reopen the economy and let life go back to normal. It is also hurting the insurance industry because no one will need the insurance again considering that no one is getting sick and if you get corona, most insurance providers are not going to cover that.”

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