Pastor who Promised Congregation that 2020 Would be their Year of Breakthrough Arrested

A pastor in Kenya has found himself in trouble with law after church members asked for his arrest based on misleading information he gave them about year 2020. Members of Kikuyu 7th Baptist Church filed a complain that during an overnight kesha (overnight meeting) to mark the end of the year, the pastor had declared […]


Pastor Ng’ang’a Launches a Mathematics Learning App

Pastor and Mazimatician James Ng’ang’a has ventured into education technology after launching a mathematics learning app that can be used at multiple learning levels. The android based app is marvel and illustrates how the hard working pastor has used his quarantine time because while you were busy memerizing him, he became an android developer. Do […]


Pastor Hailing App to Help Churches Whose Pastors are Above 58 Years Old

If your pastor is over 58 years old and may not be allowed in church come next week, a Pastor hailing app has got you covered. A new app christened ‘Uber for Pastors’ will allow churches without pastors to order a pastor online. The pastor will then be delivered just in time for the service. […]