Pastor Hailing App to Help Churches Whose Pastors are Above 58 Years Old

If your pastor is over 58 years old and may not be allowed in church come next week, a Pastor hailing app has got you covered.

A new app christened ‘Uber for Pastors’ will allow churches without pastors to order a pastor online. The pastor will then be delivered just in time for the service.

The pastor hailing App has a database of dozens of pastors who can be called to speak in a church instantly. These will show up within thirty minutes of order.

This is a major relief for churches in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya whose pastors are outside the 13-58 age bracket that has been allowed into churches.

Free Pastor

The service is free, although the church will need to ‘reasonably’ compensate the pastor after every service, both with monetary and spiritual blessings (they too have bills to pay). However, there is a premium version which allows a church to suggest the topic for the sermon or even request for a Reverend instead of a Pastor. Baptism, baby dedication and exorcising stubborn demons will also attract some fee.

Pastors who want to enroll for the service will need to show a proof of being a sound pastor. This will also include a basic understanding of the words hermeneutics and homiletics. These are words which an ordinary church back bencher would not know, thus a good way to vet pastors.

Hailing a Pastor

The App will only be used by Bible believing churches, locking out all businesses that operate as churches.

Ordering a pastor will involve selecting your location on a map as well as defining a few parameters. These include whether the church is Pentecostal or mainstream, or even Catholic. Saturday is reserved for Adventists while Bishops can only be requested for by churches with a huge social media following.

Already, more than 300 pastors have enrolled on the App. About 10% of those being bishops and another 13% being Reverends.

Developed by Wise Ways Media, the pastor hailing app will help churches to seamlessly resume physical operations. This follows government directives to combat the Covid-19 pandemic which has set a age restriction on church attendance.

Earlier in the week, a pastor in Nairobi had opted to delete part of his age in order to fit into the allowed age bracket.

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