Babu Owino Apologizes for Appearing in the Video of DJ Evolve Shooting Incident

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has apologized for his appearance in the video of DJ Evolve being shot, terming the event a mistake that will not happen in future.

In a series of Tweets that were highly shared, Babu Owino said that it was not his intention to appear in the video. He added that he understands the harm it has caused his followers, especially the young people who look up to him. “It was a bit reckless for me to appear in that video. I regret every bit of it and I hope that will not happen in future.”

The MP said that he was always a victim of being careless and that’s is why he has often appeared in some controversial videos. “Going forward, I need to be careful on appearing in some inappropriate videos. It is something I am working on and I know that I will overcome.”

He also thanked Kenyans for not judging him based on a single video but on his record outside videos. “Kenyans know that what happens in videos remains in videos and we can’t judge a person based on one video. There is more to life than videos, and I know Kenyans are well aware of that.”


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