Safaricom 5G now Available on Safaricom Home Fibre

After colorful launch of 5G network in Nairobi and Western Kenya last week, Safaricom has moved a step further to make their 5G network available to all their Safaricom Home Fibre users countrywide. Making the announcement, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa announced that they were responding to the cries of their fixed internet users who had […]


Safaricom Found to be Fueling School Unrests

The spate of unrest and school fires that have recently been experienced in Kenya have left the education stakeholders confused. The people tasked with running schools have been unable to find the course of the fires, with some suggesting that it might just be that teachers are burning down schools due to work related stress. […]


Safaricom’s Home Fibre Internet Falls to Below 2MB

Safaricom has announced that their revered Home Fibre Internet has fallen to below 2MB and users will need to browse responsibly if they are to keep enjoy the benefits of the service. Kenyans realized that they are no longer allowed to use the unlimited service as they had earlier been allowed to, with Safaricom saying […]


Safaricom Hiring a Chief Meme Officer

If you thought meme makers are losers who have nothing to offer, we’ve got news for you: You don’t think. Safaricom has announced a new job opening for the Chief Meme Officer (CMO) who will not only be one of the highest paid staff at the company, but will be second in command from the […]