KURA Reveals that Design of Part of Ngong Road was Sponsored by City Mortuary

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority has for the first time revealed that the design of the killer stretch of Ngong Road was fully sponsored by City Mortuary, a partnership that now extends to other roads in many urban areas in Kenya.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service to celebrate the highly successful project, KURA Director General said that City Mortuary had shown that different agencies can partner together for the good of the nation, and called other morgues to be actively involved in the design of roads in Kenya.

“City Mortuary paid for the design of the Ngong Road section between Junction and Karen. They not only funded the design, but also ensured that the contractor followed the design manual to the last point. This is a perfect example of public-public partnerships.”

He added that the involvement of city mortuary has saved taxpayers billions of shillings since the service was free.

“We did not have a budget for the design. Instead of going for another loan from China, city mortuary came in and the design was done in a record two days. This is a win-win situation for KURA and Kenyans.”

Bump Design

KURA has now invited Towing Services providers to be involved in design of bumps, as well as sponsor construction of the same. “These towing service providers can afford to give back to the society. We invite them to help us design bumps for various roads in urban areas so that we can continue to make our roads safer.”

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