PostaMate Acquires Posta Kenya for 1.6 Million

PostaMate has come to the rescue of the struggling Postal Corporation of Kenya with an acquisition that is expected to be signed this afternoon. In an attempt to rescue the ailing corporation, PostaMate announced that it was planning to rebrand Posta Kenya and position it as a premier logistics company in Kenya, bringing it back

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Economics Social

Landlords in Nairobi now offering Three-month Trial Period as Tenant Shortage Bites

It is a hard time for landlords in Nairobi’s satellite towns as the supply of houses outstrips the demand for the same, leaving landlords with empty buildings and loans to pay. So serious is the problem that some landlords have resulted to some unconventional methods to lure people into their premises, which include giving a

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Economics International

Nigeria’s Tax Body Promises Eternal Life to Those who File their Tax Returns

The Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria has promised to offer eternal life to those who file their tax returns before 31st March 2020. In a surprise move that has baffled economists, religious groups and even God himself, the tax body said that all those who file their returns before the deadline will leave eternally

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