Kenya Ditches Maize as the Staple Food

In an attempt to curb acute food shortage, Kenyans officially dropped maize from their staple food with effect from 1st July. This follows reports that the country has experienced maize shortage 54 times in the last 53 years, and government officials claiming that western governments have conspired with maize to slow down the economic growth in the country.

Aggrieved citizens have now turned uji and cornflakes, in an attempt to teach the crop that originated from Southern Mexico a lesson. “We cannot be held hostage by a crop that cannot even stand up against weevils,” said an aggrieved feeder from Eastern Kenya. He added, “We will not rest until uji becomes the staple food in this country.” The Consumer Federation Association of Kenya added its voice to the debate, arguing that the rights of very feeder must be respected

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