Somalia Warns Kenya Against Withdrawing Troops from Somalia

The Federal Republic of Somalia has once against threatened Kenya with undisclosed consequences should the latter choose to withdraw its troops from Somalia. Following an escalation in tension between the two countries, Somalia warned Kenya that it would not tolerate the act of sabotage through withdrawing Kenyan troops from Somalia, which are crucial for propping […]


Al-Shabaab Warns Against Non-essential Travel to Kenya

The terrorist jihadist fundamentalist group group Al-Shabaab has warned its members against traveling to Kenya due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus disease. In a memo that was posted online, the group asked all its fighters, suicide bombers, sympathizers and undercover agents to avoid going to Kenya until the lock down imposed due to […]

International Politics

Somalia threatens Kenya with Sanctions

The Federal Republic of Somalia has threatened to slap Kenya with sanctions if Kenya does not immediately withdraw its support of an independent Jubaland. In a statement that was issued by Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government said that it was planning to deny all Kenyans Visa into Somalia, as well impose tariffs on […]


Al-Shabaab Joins the Fight Against Locusts in Kenya

The fight against swarms of desert locusts invading Eastern and North Eastern Kenya has received a major boost after Al Shabaab decided to join the fight against the marauding insects. In a press conference, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Agriculture noted that the militant group would work alongside the Kenya Police who are already […]