Everybody Suddenly Converts to Islam

Islam has suddenly exploded to become the biggest religion on earth, with Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, agnostics and all other ists joining en masse.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most people who had shied away from following the Islam religion have found themselves with little options. This is because as the World Health Organization continues to issue guidelines on how to combat the virus, it is obvious that the only way to survive is to become a Muslim.

Currently, everybody is washing their hands at least five times per day and also covering their face as much as possible. As if that is not enough, nobody is going to the bars anymore. How more can we be Muslims?

Even Buddhists are in this mix, yet they are the most innocent. Why are they being forced to run away from a virus that somehow jumped from bats to humans? As if it is not good enough that they do not eat meat, now they have to change their religion.

Let me wash my hands before I can think about this.

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