Man with a CR-V Disappointed to Find that he has Reached Honda’s Peak of Self Actualization

A man of means has found himself at an undesirable position in life after Honda couldn’t offer him anything bigger and mightier than his current CR-V.

The Honda enthusiast who has slowly climbed the Honda’s hierarchy of power had expected to have something as big as most Land Cruisers to match what his friends has, but Honda had nothing to offer. This has caused a major crisis because according to Honda, he has already attained the maximum self-actualization, something he did not know.

“I didn’t see this coming. It is like I short circuited Honda’s hierarchy of size. All my friends drive these gigantic Land Cruisers and I thought I could get something as big to fit in. Honda should compensate my ego.”

The man had slowly and painfully climbed the mythical Honda’s hierarchy of cars, where he has owned previously owned a Honda Stream and an Odyssey. In his earlier life, he had owned a Stepwgn, a Freed and even an Accord. When he was starting life, he had explored Honda Fit which sits at the bottom of the pyramid. Now he is out of options.

Efforts to convince him to buy a high performance small car didn’t bear fruits because from where he comes from, size is all that matters. “Nobody understands performance. They only need to see a big machine and they will respect you. This is what I am looking for.”

He is now torn between taming his ambitions and retiring from Honda.

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