Hot Weather Causing Fuel Shortages

Scientists have explained the ongoing scarcity of fuel. Petroleum, particularly super petrol, is very volatile and boils when exposed to heat produced by the sun. With the global warming being experienced in recent months, characterized by high levels of sun, the country’s petroleum reserves have been hard hit. This affected the normal supply of petrol […]


Raila Finally Warming up to the Idea of Rigging the Election

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is finally warming up to the reality that stolen elections produce legitimate winners, after all. After joining hands with the people who have been stealing the election from him, Raila Odinga has come to admit that his opponents were probably right; the way to victory is through rigging the elections. This […]


Kenya Donates Slingshots to Ukraine as Cyber Warfare Expected to Render Most Weapons Obsolete

Ukraine army has received a major boost after Kenya shipped a consignment of 750,000 lethal slingshots to aid their defense against Russia’s continued military assault. The shipment which is first of its kind will allow Ukraine to continue fighting even after Cyber attacks cripple most of modern weaponry, a step that Russia is expected to […]


Biden Praises Tesla for Manufacturing Adzes

President Joe Biden has praised Elon Musk for the thousands of job opportunities created through his Adzes manufacturing company Tesla. In a Tweet after the state of the union address, Biden said that Tesla had revived the forgotten art of shaping wood using adzes, a step that will resuscitate the furniture industry. He noted that […]


Media Council Declares Art and Culture Journalism Useless and Pointless for the 10th Year in a Row

The Media Council of Kenya today declared war on art and culture journalism in the country, decrying it as useless and pointless. Following the opening of the call for entries for the 10th Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA), questions were raised about the absence of an arts, culture and entertainment reporting category for the 10th […]


KURA Reveals that Design of Part of Ngong Road was Sponsored by City Mortuary

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority has for the first time revealed that the design of the killer stretch of Ngong Road was fully sponsored by City Mortuary, a partnership that now extends to other roads in many urban areas in Kenya. Speaking at a thanksgiving service to celebrate the highly successful project, KURA Director General […]


Man with a CR-V Disappointed to Find that he has Reached Honda’s Peak of Self Actualization

A man of means has found himself at an undesirable position in life after Honda couldn’t offer him anything bigger and mightier than his current CR-V. The Honda enthusiast who has slowly climbed the Honda’s hierarchy of power had expected to have something as big as most Land Cruisers to match what his friends has, […]


The Five Hate Languages

There are many ways of telling someone that you hate them, but five of them stand out. Here we go. Blue Ticks Ticks have never been desirable, unless if you are a tick. It doesn’t matter whether they are blue or whatever color. Nobody wants ticks. And thus, a good way to let them know […]


Man who Quit Toxic Employment now in Imminent Danger of Starvation

A man who finally gathered the courage needed to resign from his toxic job has found himself in the middle of a different but related storm. With no reasonable source of legal income at the moment, the man is now within inches of starvation. What started as a bold move no longer looks bold at […]