65-Year-Old Dad Who Can’t Quit Sugar Wonders Why His 27-Year-Old Son Can’t Quit Alcohol

NAIROBI, KENYA – John Mwangi, a 65-year-old father of three, has been struggling with his sugar addiction for years. He loves to eat cakes, cookies, candies, and chocolates every day, despite his doctor’s warnings about his diabetes and high blood pressure. He says he can’t help it, because sugar makes him happy and gives him […]


Kenya Museums to Stay Shut as King Charles Visits

The National Museums of Kenya has announced that they will remain closed during the entire period of the visit of King Charles III, the monarch of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. The authorities said that all the museum facilities in the country will remain closed and under increased security during the visit, although […]


Kenya Airways to Charge Passengers by Weight

In a controversial move, Kenya Airways has decided to charge passengers based on the combined weight of their body and luggage. The airline says that this will help save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as motivate passengers to pack less. The new policy, which will start from November 1, 2023, will require […]

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Youth Pastor Exposed as a Normal Guy After Football Match

A youth pastor from a local church has been exposed as a normal guy who could play rough, commit fouls, and lie to the referee after a friendly football match with his youth group. The shocking revelation has caused a stir among the church members, who had always seen him as a saintly and gentle […]


New Marathon Rule: Medals for the Best Non-East African Runners

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has announced a new rule for marathon races starting from 2023: medals will be awarded to the best non-East African runners in addition to the overall winners. The decision was made after years of complaints from runners from other regions who felt they had no chance of competing […]


Zimbabwe Sends 5,000 Jobless People to Fight Bedbugs in France

HARARE, ZIMBABWE—In a bold move to combat the rising unemployment rate and the growing bedbug infestation in France, the Zimbabwean government announced on Friday that it will send 5,000 jobless people to the European country to fight the pesky insects. The initiative, dubbed “Operation Bug Buster”, is part of a bilateral agreement between Zimbabwe and […]

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Commander Ng’ang’a: The Prophet Who Wants to Be President

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the self-proclaimed commander of NENO Evangelism Center, has announced his intention to run for the highest office in the land in the 2027 general elections. The controversial preacher, who is known for his fiery sermons and miraculous healings, said that he has received a divine mandate from God to lead Kenya to […]


Haiti to Send 1000 Witches to Help Prop up the Crumbling Kenyan Judiciary

The government of Haiti has pledged to send 1000 witches to Kenya to help prop up the Kenyan judiciary that is crumbling under the weight of escalating corruption. The witches, who are experts in traditional forms of justice, will offer their services to, the Kenyan courts and magistrates, who have been struggling with corruption, inefficiency […]


Man Fined for Posting Girlfriend’s Photo on Social Media Without Consent

A man from Murang’a County has been fined Ksh 1.5 million by the Data Protection Office (DPO) for posting a photo of his girlfriend on social media without her consent. The man, identified as John Mwangi, violated the Data Protection Act of 2019, which protects the privacy and personal data of individuals. According to the […]


KRA to Hire an Agent To Live In Every Kenyan Home

NAIROBI, KENYA—In a bold move to increase tax collection and compliance, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced on Thursday that it will hire an agent to live in every home in the country. The agents, who will be trained and equipped by the KRA, will monitor every household’s income and expenditure, and report any tax […]