Students Arrest Headteacher over Attempt to Burn School

Students of a local secondary school in Kenya arrested their headteacher and stopped a suspected case of arson at the school. The incidence which took place in Kiambu County happened on Thursday evening, where the headteacher was spotted heading to the dormitories carrying 20 liters of petrol, while the students were attending the evening studies. […]

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How to Convert your HELB Loan into a Grant

Comrades have been asking, and we are obliged to answer. At a time when existing loans are being turned into grants, how can you turn your HELB loan into a grant? Until the other day, this was almost impossible. However, the Building Bridges Initiative has changed the story. You can now turn your HELB loan […]


Private School Hiring a Grade Influencer

A leading private school in Kenya is leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the performance of its students. This week, the unnamed school announced the opening of a new role of a grade influencer. Signaling a move from the traditional motivational speakers, the use of a grade influencer has been regarded as a […]


Ministry of Education Warns that Children of the Poor are Very Hard to Manage

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Education, is concerned that the increased number of children born into poverty have become unmanageable, with no foreseeable solution at hand. Following a spate of school fires that have become the staple food for school administrations in Kenya, the government now thinks that the underlying problem is […]

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“If Only we had 9 Months to Prepare for School Reopening” – Magoha

It was chaos as usual as schools reopened in Kenya following an extended Covid-19 break. Parents, teachers, students and the government were seen making last minutes efforts to get the education machine running once again. Teachers were looking for notes, parents were desperately seeking for loans to pay school fees, and students were on the […]

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Pelosi’s Lectern Looted During Capitol Riots Resurfaces in Hall 9 of the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is breaking records again and this time it has to do with the United States Capitol riots. During the recent attempted coup, Trump supporters raided the House of Representatives and one of them was seen carrying the lectern that is used by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although the person was […]


Lake Baringo Secondary School Students Resume Learning on Boats

It was cosmic chaos as learning resumed in boats at Lake Baringo Secondary school, following the overflowing of the lake last year which submerged all the buildings at the school. The school which still remains the only learning institution in the region was partially submerged in 2020 following a rise in water levels of Lake […]


Kenya Identifies 27000 Trees that will be used as Classrooms once Schools Reopen

The Government of Kenya has identified some 27000 trees that will be used as semi-permanent classrooms once the schools fully reopen in 2021, following a 9-month closure due to Covid-19. The initiative is as a result of the social distancing requirements meant to slow down the spread of Covid-19, where the previous environment where 60 […]

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Machakos University Launches a Bachelor’s Degree in Witchcraft

Machakos University is set to launch a Degree in witchcraft, setting a record as the second institution to offer the same in the world. Speaking during the launch, the Vice Chancellor said that the course had already attracted tens of applicants and the University was aiming at exploiting local resources to make the course a […]