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Kenya: Covid-19 Better than CoronaVirus

In a puzzling Press Statement today, Kenya says coronavirus is more severe than covid-19.

Explain why they were not taking the COVID-19 seriously by allowing 239 passengers from China into Kenya, the ministry of health said, “We have asked the 293 passengers from China to self quarantine because they are suspected of having COVID-19 which is not as risky as CoronaVirus.”

As a precautionary measure the government has asked people “to wash their hands if they suspect someone has COVID-19.” With this simple exercise the spread of COVID-19 can be avoided.

This is amid claims that the corona virus has cost Kenyan taxpayers in excess of 700 billion.

“In the case of corona virus we have no quarantine facilities and that alone makes it more dangerous than COVID-19 which can easily be handled through self-quarantine”

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