Judiciary Promises to Conclude Kianjokoma Brothers Murder Case within 21 years

The Judiciary has promised to expedite the case against the six police officers who are accused of killing Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura.

The two brothers from Kianjokoma in Embu County met their death after they were arrested for flouting Covid-19 containment measures. The police officers who arrested them killed the first brother in order to set an example, but then realized the second one had witnessed the event, and therefore he had to die.

Following the killings, widespread public outcry led to the arrest of the policemen involved and their prosecution has largely helped to pacify the country. The matter is now in the hands of the judiciary, and judiciary has promised to offer justice in the usual style.

Judiciary spokesperson said that the case will be treated as a matter of urgency and will be concluded within 21 years.

“We are aware that Kenyans want justice, and justice we shall serve. This case will be concluded in a record time of 21 years, which will be faster than the estimated time that the Willie Kimani case will take.”

At the moment, the Willie Kimani case has been running for five years and it is just getting started, and it will still be expected to move to the court of appeal. The two cases are similar in nature since both involve police officers killing innocent citizens in the lie of duty.

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