JKUAT Student Invents Charcoal that’s 31% Cannabis

The future of cooking looks promising after a student at the famous Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology invented charcoal made of 31% cannabis. Made from general biomass and the leaves of Cannabis Sativa, the new fuel is set to inject new enthusiasm into the energy sector, and the product has received widespread adoption […]


Hot Weather Causing Fuel Shortages

Scientists have explained the ongoing scarcity of fuel. Petroleum, particularly super petrol, is very volatile and boils when exposed to heat produced by the sun. With the global warming being experienced in recent months, characterized by high levels of sun, the country’s petroleum reserves have been hard hit. This affected the normal supply of petrol […]


EPRA to Regulate Cooking Oil Prices

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) will from next month start regulating the price of cooking oil in Kenya. Following 12 months of rise in price of cooking oil, EPRA wants to regulate the price of the same to ensure that Kenyans are not over exploited by the cartels, considering that 2022 is an […]


Fuel Price Must Be Higher Than Beer’s

Last week, a looming PSV strike in Kenya to protest the price of fuel was cancelled just before it was announced. That is unusual because in a country of dynasties who own guzzlers and hustlers who are sensitive to cost of living, this should have been the mother of all riots.  However, it has now […]


Kenya Power Calls on the Poor to Embrace Electric vehicles

Kenya Power has called on Kenyans who cannot afford petrol to consider using electric cars as their primary means of transport. Seeking to cash in on the high fuel prices, Kenya Power said that electricity prices are fairly stable and those complaining should take action and use electric cars. “Complaining never makes anything better. Just […]


Kenya Power Curses Laikipia Village into Eternal Darkness after Loss of Spare Tyre

The world record for the longest blackout in history has been broken in Laikipia after Kenya Power decided to punish a village where Kenya Power’s vehicle lost a spare tyre. A village in Laikipia celebrated the fifth anniversary of being in the dark with the promise of more years of darkness to come since their […]


Kenya Power Head Office Turns to Solar in Power Cost and Efficiency Strategy

Stima Plaza, Kenya Power’s Head Office, has launched multi-million solar power project in an attempt to cut costs and ensure that operations are not affected by power cuts. Speaking during the commissioning of the project that is being done by a Chinese contractor, Kenya Power CEO said that Solar Power was part of their long-term […]


Kenya Power Asks Kenyans to have Realistic Power Supply Expectations

Kenya Power is calling on Kenyans to set realistic expectations on power availability, arguing that a few entitled Kenyans are out to tarnish the good name of the corporation which is doing just fine. Speaking during a conference on Smart Grids and Energy Systems, Kenya Power CEO said that the utility offers reasonably good services, […]


Kenya Power Seeks Monopoly of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kenya

Kenya Power has sought a monopoly for charging all electric vehicles in Kenya, setting the stage for tears and pain in the future of transport in Kenya. The electric utility firm that is known for daily reminding Kenyans that it exists wants to have control of all charging of electric vehicles in Kenya, raising questions […]

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State Cautions Kenyans Against Using The Solar System

The government has come out to strongly condemn attempts by a section of Kenyans to bypass Kenya Power by utilizing energy from the sun without paying tariffs. In a move seen by analysts as an attempt to cripple the giant state corporation, some Kenyans have taken to harnessing solar power in what is seen as […]